Carmen Negiba

With more than 15 years experience in HR, including people management, teams development and processes optimisation.

Professional experience

I have more than 15 years experience in HR, including people management, teams development, performance management, organizational development and processes optimisations.

I know and understand the environment and the challenges that people and organizations face, my career developing in multinational organisations, being exposed to an extremely dynamic and diverse environment, where change was a constant and performance a permanent goal.

The desire to be closer to people, to support them in what they want to achieve and to become and to have a greater impact led me to coaching and facilitation.
Passionate about people, neuroscience and lifelong learning, I promote leadership and self-leadership, authenticity and highly experiential learning programs, which raise the level of awareness and develop a growth mindset.

I am an ICF ACC, Associate Director of Events in ICF Romanian Chapter, coach and mentor in several organisations.

My focus is to raise the leaders and professionals’ level of awareness, to support them in developing an open, flexible mindset and strategies to maximize the desired results.

My clients come from banking, assurance, IT, telecom, services, retail, production and FMCG in countries like Romania, UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and Luxembourg.

Coaching style and philosophy

All the trainings and certifications gave me the possibility to have a deeper understanding of the human structure and behavioural patterns and to be able to use in a customized way various methodologies and tools.
I believe in transformational coaching, which changes the way clients think, feel and behave in relation with the challenges they face.

For me, coaching is first of all a partnership, a relation between the coach and the client, a safe space where the clients meet their own thoughts, emotions, ideas, patterns, but also resources to explore in order to find out the best solutions. Coaching is about who the clients want to become and how I can sustain them in their journeys.

I see coaching as a partnership where the clients are mirrored, where they become more aware of their values, their limitations, their team dynamics, where they are challenged to see things from different perspectives and to train the curiosity and courage to explore and to act, getting out from their comfort zone and trying different approaches.

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