home1-slider-1 Michael Jordan, Lance Armstrong, and Real Madrid all had great coaches. What about yours? Running your business and multi-tasking life can often be as testing as NBA matches, Tour De France stages or Champions League.

A partnership for your performance

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What we do


This is our favorite word 🙂

Both sports and business, high and sustainable performance, for one person, a team or an entire organization, means coaching and breaking the limits for one person, a team or an entire organization. We are a team of coaches able to challenge leaders, teams and organizations to learn how to achieve the results they really want.







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Our services

What if your key people will multiply their success?

People achieve numbers, making them visible in dashboards and in P&Ls. There are moments when key people need coaching to lead their team to high performance and become role models for inspiration and change.

Executive Coaching

There are moments in a manager’s activity when it is helpful to change perspective to maximise performance and impact.

Team Coaching

In sports, in business or family, a good team is a success factor and a primary contributor in facing business adversities.

Learning Partnerships

The program represents an accompaniment of managers looking to reach their business and development objectives by a multidisciplinary professional team.
Our vision

Strategy is the foundation of your success

To succeed, you need to be focused, disciplined and strategic. You need a great team, and you need to continue moving forward. All stars know that to achieve such success, they need a coach by their side.
Developing and running your business may be even more dynamic and complex than the Tour De France or a Champions League event. It would help if you stay clear, keep your people fully engaged, act on a strategy, learn continuously, change as you go, and develop and be an inspiration to your team.

How we can help you

If you want to think and act like a champion, we invite you to train together!

Do you know it’s time to make a change in business or personal life? We invite you to plan a coaching session to put into practice all the desired results, together with a coach from our team!
Do you know that your team has more potential than it currently achieves? Do you want to increase individual and team performance? Team coaching can be a solution – we invite you to plan a team coaching session and create the optimal training for you!
Is it a time when you feel that the team needs solid motivation to move forward? Or maybe it’s time to find together what motivates and inspires you to achieve high results?

Team coaching can significantly contribute to aligning and finding motivation in the team – plan a coaching session!

If you need a proposal or a conversation to find out how individual and team coaching can help you, contact us here.

How will we proceed?
First step: we will establish a chemistry meeting to agree on a concrete action plan to achieve your goals.

The proposed coaching strategy will have concrete objectives, as well as criteria for measuring success.

During the coaching collaboration process, we will also plan moments to monitor the progress towards the objectives and results set at the beginning.

If you find it helpful to have a demonstration session for individual coaching and team coaching, contact us here.


Good organization is essential in identifying and implementing established goals. Individual or team coaching projects can significantly contribute to the excellent organization: efficiency of individual and teamwork, focus on results, optimization of resources used, discipline in execution, consistency and commitment - all can be concrete results, direct and indirect, of the coaching sessions.


Having a strategy for achieving the desired results helps you, individually and as a team, focus on what is essential. Coaching sessions contribute to the development of strategic thinking and action for all involved. Also, through coaching, we support the creation and implementation of the strategy with optimal wisdom and effort.


Personal and collective development is part of working together. Daily activity is a continuous learning process, but coaching helps us recognize and develop those mindsets, behaviours and actions that best serve our common goals.


There are critical moments in the daily activity when it is helpful to benefit from the support of a coach or mentor. For these individual moments, for the team, or the entire organization, you can count on us to accompany you on your journey to the set goal.


When the best people in the company multiply their abilities, experience and lessons learned, the whole organization benefits and grows. You can count on us! We are here to help create an effective strategy for multiplying knowledge and learning in your organization.


We love success and celebrate it with our clients whenever it comes up. For us, success comes from a partnership based on trust and consists of open, peer-to-peer collaboration. You can count on as learning partners who contribute and accompany you on the journey to success for you, your team and the entire organization.

About us

We are motivated to achieve performance, and we are constantly developing ourselves to be the best partner for our customers. We train leaders and teams to have a lasting impact and deliver meaningful results.

Meet the team

Who we are

We are professional coaches who have accompanied leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and teams in thousands of hours of coaching, working in various industries and organizations, in Romania and internationally.