Organizational learning partnerships

The partnership represents a collaboration with our multidisciplinary team of professionals in learning and organizational development, co-creating learning and organizational development strategy and accompanying relevant stakeholders to implement it, month by month.
Our multidisciplinary team is involved in all the stages of this process: starting with determining the objectives and establishing the development and learning strategy with the management, the monthly implementation, and the monitoring of the progress, concluding with the attainment of the agreed-upon objectives.
Together with our professional coaches, we will develop a learning and/or organizational development strategy and plan that can include:
Change management consulting
Training (communication, conflict management, time management, goal setting, etc.)
Executive and team coaching
Team building activities
Design and implementation of the performance management process
Project management
Organizational, team and individual diagnosis

Together, we design and agree upon a program aligned with the established business objectives that may include consulting, training sessions, individual and team coaching, team building activities, implementing the processes of performance management, project management etc.

The results of these learning partnerships can be: improving skills that increase individual, team and organizational efficiency: communication, trust, time management, self-knowledge, vision, innovation, work/life balance, proactivity, empathy, EQ and PQ, collaboration. Increase productivity at the individual and collective level, increase employee involvement, improve team performance through measurable results, increase trust and respect between team members, create constructive interactions and clarify common goals.

Duration: 12 -24 months

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